estetica de la intercomunicacion hipermedial

Media, Memory, and Social Spaces

Posted by Canto Rodado on August 9, 2006

Thought on the Convergence
of Digital Media, Memory, and
Social and Urban Spaces

Federico Casalegno
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In this article, the relationship between the development of digital media and memory, community,
and urban spaces is discussed. It is based on a project sponsored by the European Commissioni3
and was developed by a consortium of five partners between 1997 and 2000. The project’s name
is Living Memory (LiMe), which is a communication system prototype. LiMe aims to provide
members of a locality with means to capture, share, and explore their collective memory and experiences
and is an intelligent network of interfaces embedded within the physical fabric of the local
community, supporting the creation and distribution of informal content within that community.
LiMe interfaces are in natural meeting and crossing points, such as cafes and bus stops. People
do not have to sit behind computers to create and find information but come across local knowledge
incidentally and peripherally in everyday locations. LiMe is about discovering, expressing,
and getting out in the local physical neighborhood.
Keywords: connected communities; collective memory; new media environment; interactive media


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