estetica de la intercomunicacion hipermedial

del juego de rol

Posted by Canto Rodado on August 13, 2006

“Long ago, before movies, TV, radio and books, people used to tell stories. Tales on the hunt, legends about the gods and the great spirits, or gossip about the affairs of others all drew rapt attention. They would tell these stories aloud, as part of an oral tradition of storytelling, but this tradition has been mostly lost. Other forms of storytelling have taken its place.
We no longer tell stories, we listen to them, we sit passively and wait to be picked up and carried to the world they describe, to the unique perception of reality they embrace. We have become slaves of our TVs, and passively permit others to describe our lives, our culture and our personal reality through the stories that are constantly being told.
However, there is another way. Today the ancient art of storytelling has been rediscovered. A new movement is slowly growing. People are bringing stories home, making the ancient myths and legends a more substantial part of their lives. Storytelling on a personal level, rather than on the big screen or on TV, has become increasingly a part of our culture. That is what this game is all about, not stories that will be told to you, but stories that you will tell yourself.” (Rein-Hagen, 1991: 20)



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