estetica de la intercomunicacion hipermedial

The Waste Land [hipertext]

Posted by Canto Rodado on September 6, 2006

Con el ánimo de explorar las posibilidades más elementales del hipertexto, he escogido una pagina web que presenta el poema La Tierra Baldía de T.S. Eliot en un marco y a los lados despliega los comentarios hipervinculados. Espero que lo disfruten. Alvaro

Exploring The Waste Land

This site is a learning resource allowing exploration of T.S. Eliot’s poem The Waste Land. Part of the site uses a framed presentation of the poem with hyperlinked notes, definitions, translations, cross references, texts of works alluded to, commentary, and questions to the reader. Another part of the site is unframed and describes how to use the site, has pages of links to other sites, contains a bibliography, holds essays and supplementary material, gives theme paper help and so on.


Y pueden compararlo con esta otra versión de menor rendimiento


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